[Toucan Tuesday] How to become someone's favorite author

Finally Write Your Novel

Hi Reader!

Last week I shared a quote I saw in a graphic (here it is again to remind you), "Someday, you’re going to be someone’s favorite author."

There is one key way to become someone’s favorite fiction author and that is to have a book out in the world for them to read.

The first step? Having a story idea you are confident in and that you connect with deeply, so you are excited to not only write it, but finish it.

I believe in you.

I believe in your dream to write the book you’ve always wanted to write.

I believe in your ability to tell the story living inside your soul (possibly festering until it’ll infect every cell of your being!... I write horror, okay? It gets weird…).

I believe you can tell a story that will touch someone, or change their life, or stick with them in some way, shape, or form.

Remember the Novel-Worthy Idea workbook I gave you back in April? So many people took advantage of the free version! It was so awesome and exciting!

Did you fill it out? Did it help you? Did you lose momentum at some point? Did you forget you even have it!?

The decision has been made! (#passivevoiceanyone?)

The Novel-Worthy Idea Live Challenge is coming! Save the date friend!

Registration opens next week.

The challenge dates are July 9-12 with a Q&A on the 15th!

This challenge will help you:

  • Unleash your inner storyteller and give you the confidence you need to start writing your book right away and finish strong.
  • Gain confidence in your story idea, clarity on what it is you’re trying to say, and excitement to get started writing!
  • Give you a deep connection to your story, so you can’t NOT write it (#doublenegativeanyone?)

It’s like a boot camp for your imagination where we take your story spark and transform it into a novel-worthy idea that's ready to hit the pages.

Let's make your novel-writing dreams a reality, together!

As a special thank you, when registration for the challenge goes live next week on June 18th, you’ll get it at the extra special introductory price.

I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Hit reply with a “here here” to let me know you’re ready to write the novel you’ve always dreamed of writing!

Keep writing!


P.S. Get excited! The Novel-Worthy Idea Challenge is coming! Mark your calendar for June 18th when registration opens!

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Finally write the novel burning in your soul!

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